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We are accepting yard waste!

Winter Hours in Effect. Weather dependent. Please call for appointment.

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Please enter at your own risk. Durham Topsoil will not be responsible for any damages incurred on our property.



Pick up and delivery both offered

Soil and Mulches

  • Premium Triple mix

  • Screened topsoil

  • Unscreened topsoil

  • Premium Top dressing

  • Black Earth/ Peat Loam

  • Manure

  • Forest mulch (pine)

  • Dyed black mulch

  • Premium Cow Manure

  • Premium Compost

  • Natural wood chips


Grass Seeds

  • Supergrow mixture

  • Sun and shade mix

  • Overseeding mix

  • Water saver

  • White clover


  • Granular "A"

  • Sand

  • Limestone Screenings

  • 3/8" pea stone

  • 3/4" clear limestone

  • 3/4" crushed limestone

  • 6.3mm clear limestone (HPB)

  • 1-2" River Rock

Bin rental services

  • 4 yard bins

    • clean fill​

    • concrete

    • asphalt

    • renovations

  • 10, 14 yard bins also available for renovations​

  • Please call for pricing

Tool Rental

  • 6" woodchipper

Discharged Dirt - Free

We accept cleanfill and concrete

NEW!!! We are now offering Pre bagged products in 2 cubic feet or 56 Litre bags



Durham Topsoil has been serving the community since 1985. The idea was simple, we wanted to provide great topsoil at unbeatable prices. 35 years later, we now provide everything for your landscaping needs to the GTA and Durham regions.

Our mission is to provide the best quality service and the best materials. We strive to make your visit an exceptional experience.



1480 Lakeridge Rd

Tel: 905-427-0403



Weather Dependent.

Call to confirm.

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